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London's Secrets: Bizarre & Curious

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London is a city with an abundance of bizarre and curious places and stories, being ancient, vast and in a constant state of regeneration. Newcomers have, of course, a wealth of world-famous attractions to keep them occupied for a month of Sundays, which are more than adequately covered in a plethora of standard guidebooks. What London’s Secrets: Bizarre & Curious does is take you off the beaten path to seek out the more unusual places that often fail to register on the radar of both visitors and residents alike. It also highlights unexpected and often overlooked aspects and attractions of some of London’s more famous tourist sites.

            London’s Secrets: Bizarre & Curious includes some of the city’s most unusual buildings, striking public artworks, outrageous museum and gallery exhibits, hauntings (human and animal), legends and much more. Entries range from Britain’s oldest door to the beginning of body-snatching, from dummy house façades to London’s unluckiest spot, from a legal brothel to the capital’s most haunted theatre, and from the original skull and crossbones to what has a strong claim to be London’s campest statue.

            We hope you enjoy discovering the bizarre and curious secrets of London as much as we did.


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To me, one of the 300-odd listings in this great little book in particular. If you go to St James - Dave (Amazon)

London - NeilAplin (Amazon)

As someone who was born and raised in London, and now only an occasional visitor (who yearns to be there more!) I have read many London guide books, including several by this publisher, and I'm always amazed at how many different themes they can take on a guide to London. I say that as a compliment because each theme is perfectly valid. This one promises to take us on a tour of the bizarre and curious, and it certainly doesn't disappoint. What I really like about this book, and others in the range, are that they are fascinating reads in their own right, not just as sources of ideas for places to visit.

Bizarre & Curious offers a combination of both bizarre and curious places in themselves, and bizarre and curious elements to other places, so while many of the places listed in there will be familiar to you, it's likely that the bizarre aspect of it will not. So you can revisit places you have previously been to with an exciting nugget of something extra to look for. And you can do a few in a day. Perfect way to spend a different kind of day in London. The background information on what is presented here provides tantalising titbits of information without being overwhelming.

There is a good breakdown by area, with maps to show you where places are located. I have to give this one five stars because I really can't fault it, a definite recommendation for London residents or the occasional visitor alike.
- Vaness-Jane Chapman, Amazon

Unless you have an hour or two to spare don't even think of opening this book, because one bizarre and curious factoid is never enough. So much I didn't know about London, and so many places I now want to see, like Stoke Newington pumping station and the river running through Grays antiques centre. The maps are helpful as you can either concentrate on a specific area or just track down stuff that interests you. Loads of photos and illustrations, and the book is a good size for slipping into a bag or pocket. - Antikdragon

Bizarre Curious
RRP: £11.95 Survival Books
Author: Graeme Chesters
ISBN-10: 1-909282-58-8
ISBN-13: 978-1-909282-58-2
Edition: 1st
Published: 1st Mar 2014
Number of Pages: 320 Pages
Dimensions: 110mm W x 190mm H
Book Type: Paperback