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London's Green Walks

Despite its reputation for noise and pollution, London is more verdant than any other world city of its size. Green spaces cover almost 40 per cent of Greater London, providing a profusion of places where you can walk, play, relax, exercise and commune with nature. The capital’s green bounty...

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London's Village Walks

The largest city in Western Europe (west of Istanbul), Greater London covers an area of over 600mi² (ca. 1,600km²) and has a population of almost 9 million. Unlike more modern cities, London wasn’t planned logically but grew organically. From its beginnings as a Roman trading port some 2,000 years...

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London's Monumental Walks

It isn’t perhaps surprising that in a city as rich in history as London, there’s a wealth of public monuments, statues and memorials: in fact London probably has more statues than any other city in the world. Its streets, squares, parks and gardens are crammed with monuments to kings and...

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Peaceful London

London is one of the world’s most exciting cities, but it’s also one of the noisiest; a bustling, chaotic, frenetic, over-crowded, manic metropolis of over 8 million people, where it can be difficult to find somewhere to grab a little peace and quiet. Nevertheless, if you know where to look...

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London's Secret Walks

Walking makes a lot of sense in London, whether for pleasure, exercise or simply to get from A to B. Although the city has a comprehensive public transport system, it’s also one of the world’s most expensive and very crowded, with the result that walking is often the quickest and...

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  • Books for Cooks
    Posted on: 21st Aug 2014

    Books for Cooks is a Mecca for cooks, chefs, foodies, gourmets and gluttons, being dedicated to cooking, cuisine and food. The shelves are crammed from floor to ceiling with over 8,000 tasty titles, while a comfy sofa is provided for browsers seeking inspiration. Once discovered, you’ll wonder how you ever survived without Books for Cooks.

                The shop was founded by Heidi Lascelles in 1983, when a bookshop selling only cookery books must have seemed a...

  • 21st August - Luxuriate in Little Venice
    Posted on: 21st Aug 2014

    1. Relax in Rembrandt Gardens, a peaceful spot with splendid views over Little Venice. The gardens are quite formal, consisting of lawns, shrubs and bedding displays, with beech, rowan and silver birch trees, plus a raised terrace and pathways leading down to the towpath. There are also wildlife areas, and on summer evenings you may see bats flitting about.

    Rembrandt Gardens, Warwick Ave, W2 1XB(020-7641 5271, > parks and open spaces, Warwick Ave tube, free.