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London's Hidden Secrets Volume 2


London has had a fascinating, turbulent 2,000-year history, during which it has been burnt down several times, rebuilt, bombed in two world wars and rebuilt again. Of course, London has enough world-famous attractions to keep the average visitor occupied for a month of Sundays, which are more than adequately covered in a plethora of standard guide books.      What London’s Hidden Secrets does is take you off the beaten path – avoiding the city’s tourist-clogged attractions – to seek out its more unusual attractions and discover its more esoteric, mysterious side.

            Like volume one of London’s Hidden Secrets, researching and writing this second volume has been a pleasure and a labour of love. It contains a wealth of superb interesting sights that we were unable to include in the original book due to lack of space; in fact the more research we did the more treasures we found, until a second volume was inevitable. We have both lived and worked in various districts throughout the city and like most people who have lived in London for many years, we thought we knew it pretty well. However, we were surprised to find just how many little-known delights London has to offer – not only had we previously no visited many of the ‘secret’ places covered in this book, we hadn’t even heard of many of them!

            Inside you'll discover a wealth of historic churches and other ancient buildings; secret gardens and long 'lost' cemeteries;  fascinating small museums and galleries; atmospheric pubs and stunning hotels; cutting-edge art and design, and much more. A total of 140 destinations in all corners of the city.

            London’s Hidden Secrets isn’t intended as a walking guide, although many of the places covered are close to each other in central London – notably in the hubs of Westminster and the City – where you can easily stroll between them, while some are further out in the suburbs. However, all are close to public transport links and relatively easy to get to. What’s more the vast majority are free, so there’s no excuse for not getting out there and exploring.

            With a copy of London’s Hidden Secrets to hand to inspire you, you need never be bored of London (or life). We hope you enjoy discovering the hidden secrets of London as much as we did.


Download the PDF Sample now FREE of charge (including the Table of Contents) and see for yourself the wealth of information this book contains.



"Volume 2 of London's Hidden Secrets is a great companion to Volume 1 - yes, small enough for a pocket or back-pack but overflowing with loads and loads of information, imagery and maps. It is well written for an easy read while wandering the hidden places of our great Capital City. Ideal, therefore, for a new or seasoned tourist as well as Londoners who may have passed by these little gems, from the city's past, without a glance." - South East Londoner (Amazon)

"Brilliant! It does exactly what it says on the front - uncovers secret London. Essential guide for interested tourists and locals" - Lesley (Amazon)

If you live in London but never really see it, this is a book that will help you explore what you have been missing. Remember half the time you walk past wonderful things that are only a arms length away, let someone else do the work for you in finding them then you can enjoy. - Mr. O. Guerin

I don't know about you but anything off the beaten track, unknown to but a few, always does it for me. Whether it attracts me because no one else knows about it, or because it's not going to be the usual generic fare, I don't know. I'm just drawn to it. And so it is with a title like `London's Hidden Secret's' - it just has to be explored.

And I wasn't disappointed. Well, that's not entirely true. I did have a sneaking feeling that I was consciously buying into the idea that the Saatchi Gallery was completely `hidden' and `secret' which is probably stretching the imagination a bit I guess, seeing it's located on the King's Road, at the Duke of York's HQ!

But nevertheless `London's Hidden Secret's' does have an Aladdin's Cave-type treasure trove of oddments and oddities that could certainly take me off the beaten track for years to come. One of the earliest brick buildings in England has got to be seen, and a pint at the haunted Spaniards Inn pub built in 1585 shouldn't be missed. And maybe I'll try and find that elusive Saatchi Gallery - although who knows what I'll find on the way!
- NeilAplin (Amazon)

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RRP: £10.95 Survival Books
Author: Graeme Chesters & David Hampshire
ISBN-10: 1-907339-79-5
ISBN-13: 978-1-907339-79-0
Edition: 1st
Published: 1st May 2012
Number of Pages: 320 Pages
Dimensions: 110mm W x 190mm H
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