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The Best of London: Capital of Cool


There are great world cities, from classical capitals to modern metropolises, and then there’s London – the yardstick by which other cities are measured. It has the most astonishing ability to reinvent itself, always staying one step ahead of the pack, a magnet for creatives – be they writers or artists, designers or thinkers – and a melting pot of cultures from around the globe. New York may be hip, Paris may be chic, but London is surely the Capital of Cool.

In creating this book we decided that the best way to illustrate London’s cool credentials was to illustrate the very best that the city has to offer across a wide range of interests. Some names are instantly recognisable – from the British Museum to the Shard – while others may surprise, and all are among the very best that London offers – and, by definition, among the very best in the world. We trust that you’ll enjoy exploring them and that you’ll agree that London – at its best – is truly unbeatable.

RRP: £11.99 Survival Books
Author: David Hampshire
ISBN-10: 1909282928
ISBN-13: 9781909282926
Edition: 1st
Published: 20th Jul 2017
Number of Pages: 256 Pages
Dimensions: 160mm x 160mm
Book Type: Softcover