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Books for Cooks

Posted on: 21st Aug 2014

Books for Cooks is a Mecca for cooks, chefs, foodies, gourmets and gluttons, being dedicated to cooking, cuisine and food. The shelves are crammed from floor to ceiling with over 8,000 tasty titles, while a comfy sofa is provided for browsers seeking inspiration. Once discovered, you’ll wonder how you ever survived without Books for Cooks.

            The shop was founded by Heidi Lascelles in 1983, when a bookshop selling only cookery books must have seemed a decidedly risky venture in Britain’s culinary wasteland. Heidi quickly gained an enviable reputation and a large international clientele for her willingness to track down books from around the world and despatch them to international buyers in far flung corners.

            The lovely shop also smells great, thanks to its ‘cooking the books’ – not literally – but the staff do put recipes to the test in their kitchen at the back of the shop and sell the results in their charming inexpensive café. (Cookery classes also take place in the demonstration kitchen upstairs.) Today Books for Cooks is much more than a bookshop – it’s an internationally renowned epicurean epicentre for food lovers everywhere.

Books for Cooks, 4 Blenheim Crescent, W11 1NN (020-7221 1992;; Ladbroke Grove tube; Tue-Sat 10-6).

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